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About Jade

You may be surprised to learn that Jade, 21, only recently began competitive racing but is already destined for the Winter Paralympics in Sochi 2014.  It is her determination to succeed that drives this confident, young sportswoman.

Brought up in Lincolnshire, it might also seem ironic that such a flat, rural county could be home to such an accomplished alpine skier.  However, Jade’s introduction to skiing began with her first family ski holiday at the age of eight years old.  Since then, Jade and her family have been regulars on the ski slopes, travelling every year to fulfill their love of the sport. Jade’s story so far probably doesn’t sound any different to many families in the UK. 

What makes Jade’s achievements so special is that Jade has very limited vision due to the congenital condition called Axenphelds Syndrome, complicated by Glaucoma.  Read more...