British Disabled Ski Team

The British Disabled Ski Team or BDST is the racing arm of Disability Snowsport UK.  The team is made up of 17 athletes in an Elite Squad (World cup and European Cup) and a Development Squad.  Athletes compete against some of the top racers in the world and are between the ages of 13-44 years old.  There are athletes with visual impairments, paralysis and amputees. 

To find out more visit: BDST Website

The need to develop skiing as a sport for persons with an impairment dates from just after the Second World War when injured servicemen wanted to continue the sport they loved.  In 1948, Badgastein Austria saw the first Championship for skiers with an impairment with just 17 athletes taking part.  The first Paralympic Games were held in Sweden in 1976 but now the athletes are training for Sochi, Russia in 2014.

Jades mission: To be the first alpine ski racer to win a medal for Great Britain at a Paralympic Games.