Typical Race Day

Jade Etherington | Paralympian | Typical race day

Typical Race Day

Here is an example of a typical day in the life of Jade on a race day:

4.30am – 6.00am Wake up and Breakfast.

5.00am -6.35 am Travel to the ski lift.

8.00am The first lift

8.15am The first run inspection

9.15am Race begins

Break followed by a warm up run.
Then there is a second run inspection.

Afternoon racing.

Results and prize-giving.

Skis are left to dry whilst I unpack the rest of the equipment.  I then do some cycling to help my body recover from the days skiing.  I then need to tune the skis from today and prepare the ones I plan to use tomorrow.  After this, it’s off to the gym for core and balance exercises followed by weights.

I then need to fill in my training diary and post my results online.


Scrape skis and check points.

Free time and rest!